What are they?

The Crown Of A Tooth Is That Part Which Is Visible In The Mouth when you smile. A laboratory constructed Crown Completely Covers A Tooth Above The Gum Line, making it stronger and protecting what is left of the natural tooth. Crowns Are generally Made up Of Metal Or Porcelain, Or you can have crowns that have Porcelain on the outside for appearance but With Metal Inside For Strength.


Crowns Are mainly Used help Restore Damaged Or badly Decayed Teeth. In The Past, If You required A Crown for whatever reason, You Had just one option. But With the huge Advances in dental Technology, The Strength, appearance and Durability Of Ceramics, You can Now chose Between theTraditional metal Crowns And the more Modern Ceramic Crowns.

All Ceramic Crowns

Crowns that are constructed From Modern Ceramic Materials Are Bonded onto Your natural Teeth. The Crowns look very natural and also have the Translucency you would expect to find in your normal teeth, these crowns contain no metal and They also Provide The Closest Match To your Existing Teeth.

Modern Ceramic Crowns are ideal for use on front teeth and are the most natural looking crowns available.

Porcelain Crowns fused to Metal

Unlike ceramic crowns the porcelain crowns contain a metal substructure. They Are much Stronger Than porcelain Crowns But They do Lack The translucent appearance of natural Teeth And, In Some Cases, A Dark Line may be Visible at the very top of the tooth Between The Crown And The Gum line.

For Teeth That Are further back in the mouth, But are still visible When You Smile , A crown constructed of Porcelain Fused To Metal can be a good option.

Gold Crowns

Gold Is material traditionally used to make crowns for back teeth. The main Advantages of using a gold crown Include its Durability And compared to some other option, it requires Limited Tooth Preparation.

crown treatment northern ireland
crown treatment northern ireland


Bridges Are A great solution to fill spaces left by missing teeth. They are known as permanent Restorations That can Replace One Or multiple Missing Teeth. If Missing Teeth Are Not Replaced with some prosthetics, Opposing Teeth Can then grow into the space And You May Have difficulty Chewing.


The Materials Used To Construct Bridges in the lab Are very Similar To Those Used For Crowns.

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