Sports Mouthguards

What is a Mouthguard?

A Mouthguard can also be referred to as a sports guard or gumshield, it Is moulded piece of plastic that is specially made to fit over your upper teeth and gums.  Many People Think Mouthguards Simply just Protect their Teeth From Damage But They do so much More.  A custom fitted Mouthguard Also Offers some Protection Against a Range Of Facial Injuries.

Preventing damage or injury to teeth during sports activities Can Be Achieved By using a custom made Mouthguard.

Mouthguards absorb and evenly spread The Force Of A Blow To The Face and mouth, Reducing The Risk Of:

Who should wear a Mouthguard?

Anyone Who Takes Part In Sports Should Wear A Mouthguard. Research Has shown A huge decrease In The Number Of mouth Injuries Among sports players.

Research in America has shown a dramatic drop in the number of these injuries among football players who are now obliged by law to wear a mouthguard. Particpants in other sports such as basketball, netball, hockey, hurling, cricket, soccer, gaelic, rugby, camogie, canoeing and squash are also known to be at risk.

Some Experts Recommend: “In All Sports Where A Boot, Ball, Racquet, Stick, Fist Or Elbow Etc. Can Hit Someones Head - Mouthguards Should Be Worn.

sports mouthguards

When should Mouthguards be worn?

A sports Injury Can occur just as easily in training as during a match.  This is the main Reason A Mouthguard is highly recommended During Training Sessions As Well As When Competing.

How do I get a Mouthguard?

We can supply you with:

A Visit To begin making a custom mouthguard will involve having a putty like impression taken of your teeth. This is a very quick and painless procedure which only takes a few minutes. Your impression is then sent to a Dental Laboratory where a mouthguard is produced to fit your mouth perfectly.

Is a custom-made Mouthguard expensive?

A Custom Made Mouthguard Costs substantially Less Than Many Other Essential Items Of Sporting Equipment.
It is an extremely important piece of sporting equipment which helps Prevent Pain And serious damage to both teeth and jaw bones, It Is A Very Worthwhile Investment.

In preventing pain and disfigurement, it is a very worthwhile investment.

Sports mouthguards from £30

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