Orthodontics is a very specialised area of dentistry which Aims To ImproveThe Appearance and function of teeth. Orthodontists use mechanical equipment, Such As Braces and retainers Over A prolonged Period Of Time To reposition the teeth.

We Can Arrange A Referral To A Specialist orthodontist For Assessment if required.


oralA standard Toothbrush Will Not Clean Spaces inBetween Orthodontic appliances.  There Are a huge range of specialised orthodontic Brushes Available To enable you to keep your brackets clean and help prevent any damage to your teeth while you have orthodontic treatment.

Single Tufted Brushes Are an ideal tool to use while you have braces in place. These brushes are Ideal For Cleaning Close To and around The Brackets.  A meticulous oral hygiene is vital while you are undergoing treatment. Any orthodontic brush should be used along side your normal cleaning routine To help Keep Your Smile Healthy And Bright. Major Damage Can Be Caused To The Teeth By Poor Oral Hygiene And Lack Of Care.   

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