Root Canal Treatment

Teeth Are anchored into the jawbone By Their Roots. Depending on the position of a tooth in your mouth the number of roots it has will vary.

Front Teeth Normally Have One Root, whilst theTeeth Further Back Have 2 or sometimes 3 roots. The centre of a Tooth Is A Soft Mass Of Tissue Called The Pulp.

The Pulp chamber Contains everything that keeps the tooth alive and healthy like nerves, Cells, And A vital Blood Supply.

Dental Decay Or any Injury caused to teeth Can cause the pulp to become damaged and can eventually lead to the pulp dying. Dead Pulp has no Blood Supply, It Is therefor Prone To becoming infected and can lead to a severe toothache and an abscess.

root canal


Root Canal Treatment can also be reffered to as a Root Filling, involves Removing Dead Pulp from the centre of the tooth and Filling The Space Left.

The hollow Tooth Can Then Be Restored by either filling it or by placing a crown.

Root Filled Teeth can be weaker than healthy teeth, they can also Become Darker over time, However Treatment Options For This Can Be Discussed.


Pulp Damage Can Cause severe Toothache and possibly some swelling,however The Pain Will Usually ease fairly quickly once the infected pulp has been cleaned out from the canal.

Without A Root Filling, A Tooth With A Dead Pulp will most Probably require extraction at some point in the future.

There Is Also A Possibility Of Infection Spreading Beyond The Tooth Itself.

Root Fillings Are Usually Successful And Can Last Many many Years, without giving any problems. However there are occasions that re-treatment is required of an infection re-ocurrs. Occasionally, If the infection and Inflammation is persistant At The Tip Of The Root, A surgical procedure To Remove a small Part Of The Root, Clean The Area and reseal the tooth, This Is Known As An Apicectomy

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