Dental Veneers are A Thin Layer Of Tooth-Coloured Material That is Placed Onto The Front Of The Tooth To improve its appearance. This can be done for various reasons but mostly Because The Tooth May Have Been Damaged By tooth Decay Or by Accidental damage, Or if the tooth is Badly Discoloured For Some other Reason.

Veneers Can Greatly Improve Your Appearance. They can Hide Imperfections And Require minimal Natural Tooth Preparation.

Veneers Are normally constructed from Porcelain And are Cemented To The Tooth in the dental surgery.

Some Veneers can be Built Up On The Tooth Directly Using The Same Material That we Use For White composite Fillings to enhance the appearance of a tooth.

If The Tooth Is Strong and the damage is limited, A Veneer can Often be A Better Option Than A Crown For Improving the appearance of the Tooth.


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